What is Thai Reflexology?

Thai reflexology is founded upon the theory that the particular points of the body, known as acupressure points, are correlated and influence the healthy function of other organs and body parts. These points are located on Sip Sen Energy line and include the ears, feet and hands.

Thai massage practitioners manipulate the acupressure points with specific massage, stretching and pressure based techniques. This is done to clear the Sen Energy Lines, which encourages the flow of chi and balance of energy which aids in achieving positive health and wellbeing.

When an individual is experiencing pain or discomfort within a certain organ or area, the practitioner will expertly locate the acupressure point associated with the pain and will use an array of strokes and pressures to stimulate the internal organ. This stimulation will encourage body and mind alignment, thus activating the body’s natural healing mechanisms. 

This treatment is a phenomenal tool to improve blood and lymphatic fluid circulation, which aids the upliftment of the immune system and encourages toxin release and elimination. It allows the pathway of chi to flow through the body. The treatment is also a great stress reliever and promotes a deep sense of relaxation. Reflexology also provides a number of other benefits:

  • It reduces stiffness and enhances flexibility
  • It accelerates the healing process
  • It improves Sleeping habits
  • It provides a clarity of the mind and relaxation throughout the body

It differs from the westernised method of reflexology, as it combines acupressure with traditional Thai massage techniques. This promotes energy flow and healing, while providing the benefits of relaxation and stress relief associated with Thai massage principles.

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